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Recharge or Recharged may refer to:

Groundwater recharge, a hydrologic process where water moves to groundwater Recharge (battery), the process to restore power or charge to a power storage device, such as a battery Recharge (magazine), is a business news website and monthly magazine covering the global renewable energy industry


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Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I worked at ReCharge Payments full-time for more than a year Cons: the company's trajectory is filled with uncertainty and this is felt at all levels. The pay is mediocre. The company is trying to reinvent itself, maybe join after that happens."

Current Employee - Talent Acquisition Partner says

"I have been working at ReCharge Payments full-time for more than 5 years Cons: - Use caution when joining this Corporation. - Do not believe the Reviews. - They are involved in some Corrupt Practices that will try to keep you from future employment. - Constantly received notifications from them regarding serious allegations. - Read between the lines and stay far away. - This company will not last long if they continue the way they are going. - Never trust a Glassdoor Review with Nearly Perfect Reviews. It is a Definite Red Flag. Big Pockets try to flaunt whenever they can."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ReCharge Payments full-time Cons: Disclaimer: some things may have changed since leaving the company, this describes a certain time.. But it was so bad when I was there that sharing my observations seems like the right thing to do. 1 star then would have same impact on their rating so even if things have improved some, this 1 star review should be in their history. At the time I was there... Codebase was a dumpster... Hacks upon hacks that cannot be fixed, or are not allowed to be fixed. And attempts to improve matters were not only discouraged/blocked, but often directly sabotaged by the CTO. CTO was toxic for dev and seemingly other parts of the company. It is OK to have a founder turn out to be bad for the business eventually. He was critical to creating the company and getting it to a certain point, and he should still be involved in some things. He won't step back though. CTO habits: micromanaging; merging hacked-together code without tests, skipping or ignoring code review; meddling in every department; misleading people intentionally; privately pitting people against each other. Also had an immature disdain for experts or other people's experiences, resulting in so many avoidable problems. He would pretend to accept feedback but he never seemed to change. By the way the CTO seemed like a good person at heart, I think he had just been far gone down an overworked and counterproductive path. And as a company grows, things just need to change. Maybe there's been a turnaround. Or maybe some people will see past the problems. Plenty of people stay at the company, for one reason or another. You should just know what you are getting into."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ReCharge Payments full-time Cons: As another reviewer mentioned, there's no career growth or plans to help others succeed. It's hard to feel great about a company when they're so disorganized. Culture isn't the greatest, and micromanagement is a big problem."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ReCharge Payments full-time Cons: Disorganized processes and moody leadership. Leadership makes decisions without telling or consulting the rest of the team. No career growth or plans to help others succeed. You cannot express your point of view. Period. Doesn't matter how experienced you are. It doesn't matter. Some late work until midnight for some employees because of lacking management."

Current Employee - Employee says

"I have been working at ReCharge Payments full-time Cons: Leadership has no clear path they are following. Product is buggy and literally doesn’t support what the sales team sells. Only focused on closing deals and getting your money. Lack of focus on making a solid product."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ReCharge Payments full-time Cons: - Exceptionally poor benefits - Micromanagement / Dictatorship - Disorganized - Unclear direction / expectations - Unreasonable deadlines - Directions / Priorities can change many times in a week, despite working in Sprints - Contractors are treated like regular employees - Extremely limited independence / ownership / creative control - A few large egos even though this ship could sink at any moment - Despite very limited benefits, no equity or profit-sharing is offered to employees - Claims flexibility, turns out to not be the case"

Llnoha says

"Did not work for me. Have not reversed charge to my card card."

Mohammad Rehman says

"Not recommend"

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